Help / FAQ

How to post an ad

Here are the steps to follow to post an ad on gidimarket:

  • Click the sign in button to login your user name and password on the top right corner of any gidimarket page.
  • If you are not a member, sign up below to register as a new user.
  • An email will be sent to you to sign in to Member Center to manage your account and access other resources.
  • Select the category where you would like to post your ad.
  • Enter postcode or city name where the good / service is offered.
  • Enter a description and attach a picture to your ad or video and audio ad ( Any fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory).
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Feature your ad and get more responses (paying option).
  • Click the Publish this ad button.

How to modify ad

To modify your ad, please follow this steps:

  • 1 Login to your account using your email address and your password.
  • 2 Click the tab Your classifieds.
  • 3 Click the link Modify next to the ad title.
  • 4 Modify the fields you would like to update (price, pictures, title, description,...).
  • 5 Click the button Publish this ad at the bottom of the page.

Can you help me to post edit/delete my ad or to upload photo?

No, it is our policy not to modify any Ad content on behalf of our Users. This is to maintain Users' accountability for Ad content.

How do I report something to you

If you come across something that upsets you or makes you suspicious, click the ‘Report this ad’ button. Or get in touch with us via the email or phone. We’ll take a look (usually within a few hours) and decide what to do next.

Top reasons why we delete

  • Your ad was in the wrong category.
  • You’ve posted more than one of the same ad inappropriate audio/video.
  • You ad is fraudulently.
  • Image/photo posted is violent,fraudulently and theft, copyright law.
  • You’ve broken one of our main rules.

What now? You need to post a new ad and make sure you change what needs changing.

These are the types of ads we have on

  • 1) Post a free Ads:
    Click on the following above features for the type of ad you need. Post a free Ads, after clicking you will see the columns to place your ads for free. Post your ads details and post it for free.
  • 2) Post an Eagle video Ads:
    When you click on the Eagle video ads, click on upload video and upload video from your device.
    Your video must be less than one minute, upload the short advert video clip of your products/services of what you are buying/selling, and what it entails, alongside with a voice description in the short video clip.When you post it, another page will display for billing which is (one thousand Naira N1000) before we can display it to your targeted audience. Gidimarket charges N1000 for the Eagle video ads before it can be published to become live to the public.
    Payment must be made before video ads can be fully published live on gidimarket.
  • 3) Post a Falcon Audio Voice Ads:
    This is a platform that we decided to come up with on gidimarket, for those customers who wants to buy and sell their products to the public with different dialects in Nigeria. When you click on the Falcon Audio ads, upload your voice note ads and from your device sell/buy with the English language or any dialect you want people to listen to you. Maximum duration of the recorded voice shouldn't exceed more than one minute. After uploading the recorded voice, then you will scroll down and click on post.
    When you post it, a display pops up for you to make payment, which is (Five hundred Naira N500) for the cost of the falcon voice ads, When the payment is received and confirmed.
    A notification will be sent to you via email and also a display of a successful posting, immediately your ads will be published to become live to the public. Payment must be made before audio falcon ads can be fully published live on gidimarket.
  • 4) Features Ads:
    You can use features to make your ad stand out in the listings. They give you more visibility and a better chance at selling. There are a few different ones, so it’s good to know what they do. It makes choosing easier.
    When can I feature my ad?
    Whenever you like. Some people choose to do it when they post a brand new ad. But you can post a regular ad and later feature it if you see you’re not getting the response you wanted.
  • 5) Post a Banner Ads:
    We can design a banner ads for you if you don't have a banner ads online. If you already have a banner ads and you want to post on gidimarket, there are different types and sizes of banner ads. To know more about the banner ads, scroll down on gidimarket page and click on ADVERTISE WITH US, You will see a new page and you will scroll down a bit and click on banner ad, Then you will see all the banner ads sizes. Click on any of the size and upload your banner and post your banner ads. Then, payment page.
    NOTE: After payment, a notification will be sent to you via email for a successful posting of a banner ads with us on gidimarket.